Thursday, July 23, 2009

Favorite place

My favorite place in Carbondale is Hunan Restaurant, because I can eat very tasty Chinese food there. After I came to Carbondale I didn't eat delicious food and I missed Chinese food very much. When I went to Hunan to eat Chinese food, the taste was wonderful, just like in China. It's as delicious as a Chinese restaurant and I think it's pretty much the same as a Chinese restaurant. The only thing different is it's a little bit sweet and it has a different language. It's suitable American style, so ti's a little sweeter than a Chinese restaurant. And the menu is English, even though there is a Chinese menu for Chinese people, but the main menu is English.

Friday, July 17, 2009

environment in Carbndale

I have been in Carbondale over one year. When I first time saw the small town I thought that Carbondale is musing. The first impression of Carbondale is that Carbondale is very small, because I lived in a big city in my country. But I never saw a beautiful place like Carbondale. When I just arrived here it was raining. The lighting was scaring me, because I never saw lightning in my country before. There are a lot rees in the small town. I came in sunner, so the weather in summer looks like sunshine. Carbondale is also very quiet. There is no noise, becaus in the small town there aren't a lot of cars; the traffic is good. This is my first impression of Carbondale; at that time, I did not know anything about Carbondale. I just know about what I have seen here. I thought that Carbondale is a beautiful place; it is a good place tp live and study.

stressful in carbondale

Although Carbondale is a beautiful place, and it is a good place to study, sometimes people can feel Carbondale does not have a lot of fun for young people. When I arrived here a few months ago I felt Carbondale was really relaxed, but you can feel really bored after the first few months. First, Carbondale is very small; the bar is always open on friday every week; it will be closed on the other days. There are not a lot of Chinese restaurants in the small town, so, if I want to eat Chinese food I just can cook it by myself, but I really do not have enough time to put on my dinner or lunch; therefore, I also have stress on this point. Sometimes my friends can invite me to go to the church; it is fun, but my belief is not that, so I can not have passion with this activity. I might a little more seriously describe how stressful Carbondale is, but sometimes I thought that Carbondale is really suitable to live for the old people.

car is the best transportation for trip

I would like to use a car as a transportation as tool when I traveling on the vacation. Because of the car is really convenient to take you to get anywhere, and also, car can save a lot of money for the people who during the trip for traveling. I think traveling by car is best because I had an experience when I was traveling on last winter vacation, my friends and I, when we were driving a car as transportation. As it was my experience that we saved a lot of money on the trip, we only spend $400 on the oil, however, we did not send any money on the transportation beside the 400 dollars. If we had chosen to an airplane, it would have cost us over a thousand dollars. On the other hand, we went to many places for this trip, we used GPS, we typed the specific address, and then we got many place. Even people who driving the car have a little tried, but with other kinds by transportation you can get there also. If people who have a chance to travel drive a car, I think it is really exciting, and also too have fun. I really suggest that people who travel can drive a car, because of it is really convenient, safe, and it is a lot of fun during the trip to drive car.

Carbondale City

Carbondale is a small city. It is similar to my city in Saudi Arabia, so it is not hard for me to adjust and live in Carbondale. But there are some differences between the two cites. One of them is that my city is an industrial city, we have a lot of pollution, but Carbondale has no pollution, so you will be healthy in Carbondale. Another difference is that, in my city we do not have a big university like SIUC. The weather is also different between my city and Carbondale. In Carbondale the weather is often cold and rainy. Finally, in my city we don’t have rivers and lakes, but we have a beach.

Beautiful Carbondale

When I came here to Carbondale I was surprised because it is really a small town. My city in Saudi Arabia is a little bit bigger, but I am used to it here in Carbondale. There is something that I like in Carbondale and that is that Carbondale is a university city. And Carbondale is full of international students. Also, people like this city because there is no crime in it. Well, I never heard anything bad in Carbondale. My city is the same, quiet, with no crime, and it is an island. I think I will never move to another university. I heard that many students transfer from other universities to come and study here in Carbondale. Carbondale is my second home "really."

My experience in Carbondale

In my experience, I have been here almost a month and still is difficult for me to adjust to certain things. I really like the peace of the place. The people are so nice. They always want to help you; I think that they understand that we are far away from our homes and we miss our families. For my perspective it's a good change because this is what I want. I was living in a big city, and all day we had noise and cars everywhere, and it was really stressful. Here I can walk, because everything is near to where I live. However, people of my age don't have many things to do in this small town, so sometimes it's boring on weekends.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carbondale is kind of boring city, but there are some places to recommend to others. the first place i recommend is nearest from Carbondale, and called 'Giant City Park'. We can hike there and we can meat there. That place is accepted to cook. Another place where i recommend is the winery. Actually, there are various types of wineries such as European style and American style. You just can choose from them. Each winery has its own wine. You can also sleep there. You might have a new experience there. An other place which is a little far from Carbondale is called 'Little Grand Canyon'. If you have been there, you might be surprised, because there are lots of mountains formed of rock.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Carbondale City

My life in Carbondale is stressful sometimes for many reasons. The first reason is that I am alone in Carbondale without my family, so I am very sad and stressful. Second reason, I live in a new area, in a new culture and with new people. Third, the time in Carbondale is different than my city’s time, so want to I won’t call my family I have to wake up at 4 am, so it makes me very stressful because I don’t sleep well. Fourth, I come to Carbondale in summer and most people travel to another city, so it is difficult to find friends around me. Finally, the weather is very hot in Carbondale in summer; I didn’t expect it would be very hot before I came to Carbondale. It makes me stressful sometimes especially after noon when it is very hot sometimes.

Fluency Exercise II

Let's talk about Carbondale; it's a beautiful and quiet city. Also, it's a great city for study at the university. Sometime my life gets stressful in Carbondale because nobody is in the city in summers. For example, when my friends had a vacation, they went to their home. So, I became alone; that is because Carbondale is a small city. There is no one I can eat with or party with. And I have plenty of time to study, so I never get bored in Carbondale. People enjoy studying in Carbondale because it has a good reputation. Carbondale is the most beautiful city I've ever lived in.


The most stress thing in Carbondale is the weather. I remember it was very cold when i first got here in March. Sometimes it turns very warm, so that I can put on thin clothes. But after several days it turns very cold suddenly. It is very different from China, I cannot stand it. And now, it is too hot and wet outside, but in the CESL office it is so cold that I need a cardigan or coat with me every day. I don't like wet weather because when I walk outside at night, my body turns wet, and makes me feel uncomfortable. It is always terrible to breathe hot and wet weather first when I go outside. I hate tornados every May each year, and Carbondale doesn't offer electricity for us. It's terrible to live in Carbondale without all electronic things.


I got stress when I just arrived at Carbondale. At first in Carbondale, on of the most important reasons for getting stress is there are not many Korean restaurants. You can see many Chinese restaurants around Carbondale, but no Korean or Japanese. I know there is a Korean restaurant in Carbondale, but it offers fool food to customers. I've been there two times, but I just got disappointed every time about the taste of the good. Next thing is Carbondale is pretty far away from the city. If I try to go to another city for shopping, it might take me over 2 hours. Every time I go to another city, i felt tired even in Carbondale, though I live in the countryside. I have become adapted to these events. Nowadays it's not a bot stressful thing to me.

I like rock music

Rock music is my favorite music. Rock music is always exciting. It always gives me passion to enjoy the boring life. Most rock music songs always tell us about the true things directly. However, there are things we don't talk about in life, but i can hear in the rock music songs. The rock music songs can express many kinds of mood. When you are sad or hopeless, rock music can make you brave to face your life. When you are happy, rock music can bring you more happiness. So I like rock music; I need more passion. Rock music is becoming a part of my life.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Carbondale City

My first impression of Carbondale that it is very small and quiet city. There is not any activity. Acutely, it a bad city for some students. It has one of the best universities in the U.S, which is SIUC University, which has different department. It is good for students to live in Carbondale because the students have nothing to do except study, so they will have excellent grades. In Carbondale every thing is near, so the student can shop easily whiteout a car. For me I like Carbondale city, but some students do not like it, especially students who were living in a big city before. In conclusion, Carbondale is very good for students to live and study in SIUC University.


It was my first time to touch the quiet place, Carbondale, in January this year. My first impression of Carbondale was that it was so quiet. The natural environment was beautiful. The air is fresh and clear. However, comparing with the city that i came from, it's so small and quiet. There is not many places for shopping and making fun. It's a little boring here. However, it's a good place to study and I will stay here for a long time. So i have to adapt to the city as soon as possible. I would like to enjoy studying here. It's the most important thing for me.

The First impression of Carbondale is that there are not many buildings here. Actually i am disappointed with Carbondale, because Carbondale is too different from Seoul. I though that Carbondale is real countryside. Carbondale dies not have many paces to enjoy. That is why i felt bored in Carbondale. i think if i was a musician, it would be a good place to me. Carbondale also can be good place for students. I can see deer on the road. When i was in Korea, I've never seen deer on the read. I just can see it at zoo. I felt surprised at this event.


I felt disappointed when I went to Carbondale. It's totally different from the city that I came from. There are not many buildings and not many people here, just countryside. I saw many squirrels around town; its surprised me. And I also heard people say I could see deer sometimes. In my country, it is very rare to see squirrels and deer in a city. In China, I can find markets anywhere, but here I cannot find a market easily. There are just few markets here; it also surprised me. It's clean because there are not many cars. And it's beautiful countryside because there are many flowers and trees.

Carbondale environment

I think Carbondale is a very nice city. The people are very friendly. I feel like I’m in a fairy tale because I walk in the woods and I see so many animals like ducks, birds and deer. It’s very different from my home country. I live in a big city, and we got so much noise from cars and so many things. Everywhere here it’s so peaceful. I like it a lot. I am going to enjoy my stay here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I went to the students’ voluntary service for rural communities during the summer vacation when I was in university. I helped farmers to work out in the fields and weed a rice paddy for three days. When my friend and I were working in a rice field, we got some problem with leeches. And the fierce sunshine tortured us. But we were having fun with working in a rural community, which we never had done before. And at night, we could see many stars in the sky, and we were having fun with a campfire. And we could talk to each other a lot, because the cell phone was not working so we had to spend our time with friends. It was a really good experience, because usually we spent our time with computer, MP3 player or sell phone. It made us closer than at any other moment. I recommend it for friendship.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The rules in Carbondale

Carbondale is a small town in Southern Illinois. It’s a quiet place for people to live. Big cities have a lot of noise, and people who drive cars are very rude. But here, the first rule is different than other places; nobody honks, so it feels quiet. And I love this rule very much. The next rule is people more friendly than in a big city. Because it is too small, you may see each other a lot of times per day. So the second rule is you must be friendlier to other people. People in big cities must work and work; they need more money to pay for their daily lives. But Carbondale is different; here it is the South, so it costs less than in big cities. So most people feel leisurely and carefree. That it is because they do not care how much money they can make; they just think now I already have enough money for me. So I think these are Carbondale rules. But I love these rules.